Dit product is onderdeel van Infowijs - een studio met maarschappelijk hart.

About Includable.

A team with a passion for technology, design, education and creating software for regular people.


Who we are.

We are two young people that would like to improve online education and make learning more modern, more efficient and simply fun.

With more than five years of web development and design experience and the help of serveral corporate partners, we were able to build a corporate-quality E-learning platform that supports the latest standards and technologies, without any compromises.

Thomas Schoffelen - Development Lead

Thomas Schoffelen
Development Lead

Thomas is a workaholic with a passion for minimalistic design and tech that just works (and classical English literature - don't ask).

Dante van der Heijden - Business Lead

Dante van der Heijden
Business Lead

Dante makes Includable human. He adds the playful touch to Includable's design, but also makes sure the gears keep running.

What we do.

Our goal is to make the lives of students and teachers easier. We aren't trying to change the way people learn, we just want to allow them to get on to focus on the actual learning, not on the piece of technology that should make that possible.

How to find us.

We have an office in beautiful Amsterdam, and we can meet there, but we're also always happy to explore new cool meeting spots in town, so we'd love to meet with you wherever you prefer, as long as we can engage in caffeine consumption there!

Our mailing address:
Pilotenstraat 39
1059 CH, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Email: sales@includable.com

NL Chamber of commerce (KvK): 67639380
VAT number: NL857104287B01